Know About Treatments Available Under Medical Tattooing

Due to its popularity and people’s reliability, tattoos are becoming an important part of the medical industry in Kilmarnock. Today doctors and aestheticians and skin specialist in Kilmarnock use medical tattooing to hide up and diminish the scars caused by injury, trauma, surgery, etc. If you or any of your loved one wants medical tattooing, then you may contact a professional medical tattoo artist from Kilmarnock.

Here are some treatments that are available under medical tattooing:

Areola reconstruction: Many women these days go through breast-related surgeries that could affect their areola. These surgeries could leave dramatic scarring too. When the breasts are healed, medical tattooing is done by reconstructing the areola and nipple tissue. Using the 3D shading realistic areola and nipples are created with the selected shades of pigment. This process could also help you if you have naturally pale areola as this could darken the color of your areola.

Scar camouflage: MCA is used to give the body a natural self-repair from the scars about after one year when the scar is healed. This could help in getting the scar fade and re-pigmented according to the surrounding skin. But when through this process, it is not treated then selected shades of pigments are implanted on the scars to give it a natural color similar to the surroundings of the scar.

Burn relaxation: This technique could also be used to give relaxation to the burn scars. MCA treatment also helps in blending the color of the burnt scar to the surrounding skin tissue. These tattooing procedures are very successful as well as do not leave any side effects if properly implanted.

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